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Lessons for Property Buyers from Dubai's Century Flood

On 16th April, the strongest rain in 75 years hit the United Arab Emirates. For more than 24 hours, heavy thunderstorms swept over the region, even reaching Oman and causing dramatic damage. It is time to do the aftermath and infer lessons for real estate investors in Dubai.

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What They Promised vs. What We Got: 26 Projects in Renders and After Construction

From the drawing board to the cityscape, Dubai's buildings often promise awe. We explore the reality behind the renders, providing side-to-side comparison of what developers advertised and how it turned out after completion.

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Pros and cons of buying real estate in Dubai

After reading this article, you will understand better if buying a property in Dubai is the right move for you. This guide aspires to go deep and answer all questions anyone could potentially have on the topic.

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I wonder if Dubai is overhyped.

Recently, Dubai's rapid growth has sparked both excitement and concern. I've noticed growing skepticism about the local property market. To sort this out, I'm turning to writing for a reality check.

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New Investment Spots are coming up in Dubai: Where to Place Your Bets for Outstanding Returns

Seize a rare opportunity to be ahead of the curve in Dubai's real estate market. These three emerging areas offer extraordinary potential for ROI that only comes once in a blue moon.

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Everything wrong with the Dubai Real Estate Market

We unveil the shadowed truths of Dubai's real estate market. Dive deep with us as we expose undisclosed tactics, hidden agendas, and the untold stories that have shaped the famous skyline.

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Interviewing an Airbnb host from Dubai

We interviewed an Airbnb host from Dubai about his experience in the market. Having multiple apartments in Dubai Marina, he shares his authentic thoughts on the business and real estate market.

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6 reasons why the Dubai real estate market will keep thriving

Will property prices in Dubai go down? And if yes, when will it happen and will it be a crash? Despite our common anticipation of markets reversing, a trend can sustain itself far longer than we might expect.

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What is the cost of having a sea view in Dubai?

Most of us have browsed over a property listing website and figured out that an apartment with a sea view costs more than a similar apartment without a view. But the question is, how much more?

Andres Guitian
by Andres Guitian. 6 min read