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Sell real estate in Dubai

Did you ever fantasize about selling real estate in one of the most prestigious and thriving cities of the world? You are just a few clicks away of that dream. Make $1,000+ for each sale from the comfort of your computer.

Limited admission. 17 seats left.

Start earning in 3 easy steps:

1. Apply to become an affiliate partner
2. Spread the word in your community
3. Earn commission for each sale

What you will be selling

You will be selling mainly properties on the primary market in Dubai (also known as "Offplan"). Those are properties that are are yet to be built.

  • Generally attractive and prestigious product (real estate) in a thriving location at comparably advantageous conditions (e.g. payment plans, high ROI, potentially tax-free setup, etc.).
  • Hot and healthy market with high supply which is still strongly surpassed by demand.
  • Due to the preventive nature of strict regulations by the Dubai Land Department scams are almost nonexistent (that does not mean there are no other risks, as good opportunities generally come with risk, but they are manageable and you can maneuver them in a reasonable manner)

Community & Open Communication

All communication with our affiliates happens in our internal Slack community. This way we build trust, can motivate and inspire each other, and share ideas and success stories.

Because every sale eventually happens offline, we need to have mutual trust. It's an important factor, and this is part of our efforts to be as open as possible. We don't hide.

Earn four to five digit $ amounts per sale with a flat 30% commission.

Spread the word and we will take care of the closing.

Limited admission. 17 seats left.

Affiliate FAQ

How much can I make per sale?

On average, a sale will be around AED 1.2m. That's USD 237k. The commission on a property sale in Dubai ranges from around 1 - 3.5%. That's an average AED 12k - 42k or USD 3,270 - 11,440. Your commission is a flat 30% at all times, therefore you would make an average of USD 981 - 3,433 per sale.

Note, that this calculation is indicatory. The final commission will mostly depend on the property being sold. It can be lower or vastly higher.

How do you convert a lead into a sale?

Our promise is to reach out up to 7 times to a lead to initiate a conversation. After we received a first response, we will work with the prospect to find the best property for him. Should communication disrupt at any point during this process, we will try again up to 7 times to reinitiate the conversation.

We will stop reaching out to a lead after 7 failed contact attempts or the moment the lead lets us decisevily know that he will not proceed with a purchase or us for any reason.

If a prospect reaches a purchase decision, we guide him through the purchase process. Once we receive our commission, we will pay out your cut to you.

How long does it take until a commission is paid out?

We will pay you immediately after receiving the commission from the developer. Usually, this takes around 1-2 months after the down payment has been settled by the buyer, but of course it can get delayed or processed faster occasionally.