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Celebrities in Dubai

Anis Ferchichi aka Bushido

After leaving Berlin under controversial circumstances, Bushido has chosen Dubai has his new home to ensure the safety and thriving of his family.

Manny Koshbin

Manny Koshbin has just been to Dubai in April 2024 visiting friends, exploring the city, and generally just having a good time. As a huge real estate investor that he is we have no doubt he is also looking to buy into the property market in near future.

Floyd Mayweather Jr

Floyd Mayweather has been in Dubai for a prolonged time in 2024 and went on multiple shopping sprees. According to his Instagram, he really likes it here.

Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate regularly frequents Dubai and owns multiple premium properties in the city. He usually hosts various events whenever he is in town.

Amir Khan

Amir Khan is a huge proponent of Dubai and one of the most famous Pakistani celebrities around.

Nina Ali

Nina Ali is a TV star from Lebanon and long time resident in Dubai, mostly famous for her appearance in the show "Real Housewives of Dubai". She is also an entrepreneur who sells cakes at her bakery "Fruitcake" and has a massive following on Instagram.

Pavel Durov

Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, is one of the few exceptions who have been naturalized in the UAE and is said to live on the Palm Jumeirah.